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Dear visitor, as a bharat agritech we are very thankful to you for investing your valuable time in visiting our "bharat agritech"channel. our back rotary power tiller/power weeder is versatile power tiller with provision for various agricultural implements like back rotary weeder,tiller,htp power sprayer,water pump,ridger etc. with thos machine you can compleat works like earthing uo,ridge making,bed making for different crops,intercultivation of turmeric,cotton,sugarcane,arhar,aloe veera,pomogranate,mango,orange farm etc.very fast.if you have this mini power tiller you can compleate all farming work with this single machine.we can supply this mini power tiller with all impliments.this machine is also available in honda powered tiller in petrol version.this rear power weeder gives very good torque and speed to rotavator due to which soil pulverisation is very fine. please visit our and subscribe our you tube channel"bharat agritech" contact number:+919108503270.