Bharat Agritech - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where can I see a demo of the products I am interested in?

You can view a demo of the products and examine them at our locations in Latur and Hyderabad.

2) Can the products be shipped to my location?

Yes, purchased products can be shipped to your address; terms and conditions apply.

3) Can I make an advance payment and make the rest of the payment later?

No, we can only ship and deliver products after the full payment is made.

4) Can I use Cash-on-Delivery mode of payment to purchase the products?

No, Cash-on-Delivery is not available for online purchases.

5) Do I have to assemble the products myself after delivery?

We will provide the detailed videos for instruction to fit and operate the machine.

6) Is this product serviceable ?

Yes, it is serviceable at any local brush cutter service center and two wheeler mechanics near you.

7) Are spare parts available?

Yes, you can buy spare parts too at Bharat Agritech.

8) How much warranty is available on the products?

Warranty is available on a limited range of products; terms and conditions apply.

9) Can I avail any subsidies on products from Bharat Agritech?

As our products are innovative and new to the market, we have not yet registered for government subsidies. So no, subsidies are not available.

10) Do I get a bill with my purchase?

Yes, you will receive a bill on every purchase along with GST as applicable.

11) Are there any terms and conditions for dealerships?

For terms and conditions with respect to dealerships, you can directly get in touch with our registered office.

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